Tent Dust Cover

For the storage of your tent when not in use, this dust cover is an excellent solution. It is a more budget-friendly and lightweight option compared to a roller bag, and you can print any pattern or color on the cover to make it unique or showcase your company logo for promotional purposes. Additionally, printing the tent’s size, type, and other pertinent information can aid in better recognition and organization if you own multiple tents.

Our dust covers are constructed from elastic polyester and feature an elastic cord closure, making them compatible with most 10×10, 10×15, or 10×20 advertising tent frames. You can easily slip the cover on and off over a tent frame, even if you choose not to remove the tent top after use. Please exercise caution when doing so, as the hook side of the Velcro straps on the frame may cause damage.

Download Artwork Template:

10×10 Tent Dust Cover.PDF
10×15 Tent Dust Cover.PDF
10×20 Tent Dust Cover.PDF

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Graphic Design Included –  Your Company Logo Only

Canopy Sizes that fit for the Dust Cover are: 10×10, 10×15, 10×20

Material: 180g Elastic Polyester, Fire Resistant, Water Resistant, UV Protected