Canopy Cleaning Guide

Step-by-Step Guide to Assist with cleaning your Outlet Tags Canopy Tent.

What is Required:

Mild detergent (Non-abrasive or liquid laundry detergent)

Soft hair broom or brush
Bucket & Hose
Soft towel or cloth
Blower if possible ( Leaf Blower or Similar ) For Drying the Canvas

Step 1: Stretch out your canvas and hang it on a clothesline or wall

Step 2: Fill up a bucket with warm, soapy water.

Step 3: Gently wash the canopy fabric with a soft hair broom or brush then rinse both sides of the canvas before allowing it to dry.

Step 4: Leave the canvas outside until it is fully dry. Using a leaf blower will speed up the drying process. Place Canopy back on frame once dry

Highly Recommended: DO THIS AT A CAR-WASH CENTRE.


DO NOT USE BLEACH. Using bleach will create a chemical reaction which may cause the canvas to turn yellow, burn or create other discolouration. Do not fold the canvas while it is still wet, this will cause mildew and odour.